Tag2Menu generates menus from tagged Joomla articles

The introduction of a tagging system was one of the main new features in Joomla 3.x. With the new Joomla module Tag2Menu by I-SAN.de, tags are getting even more powerful!

The module shows links to tagged articles in a menu structure. It is the user's choice how many menus are displayed on one module position. Moreover Tag2Menu features neatless Bootstrap integration (for both Bootstrap v2 and v3).

The Joomla extension Tag2Menu can be downloaded from the I-SAN.de download portal for free. It will also be available in the Joomla Extensions Directory soon.

Now for free: JASMIM Premium

For quite some time now, you might not have heard much about I-SAN.de's popular Joomla module JASMIM which allows the easy integration of like, share and follow buttons from Facebook, Twitter and Google+. After the relaunch of the developer's website only the free version (containing a copyright hint) remained available via the Joomla Extensions Directory. As of the start of the I-SAN.de download portal, I-SAN.de re-releases the copyright hint-free version (a.k.a. JASMIM Premium) which will be available for free from now on!

New Joomla module: JSlick

I-SAN.de releases the amazing jQuery slider slick by Ken Wheeler as a Joomla module! The extension called JSlick allows you to show images loaded from a server directory as well as regular Joomla articles in a carousel.

The module contains 3 modes, aimed at Newbies, Advanced Users and Joomla Experts. Furthermore, it supports the frontend framework Bootstrap (version 2 and 3) with its prebundled themes.

JSlick can be downloaded at code.i-san.de and will also be published at Joomla Extension Directory soon.